Connect Tots is specifically designed for your children ages one to three years old. Even though they are young, they can still grow in their faith!  Connect Tots learn that God is good, that God made them, and that Jesus loves them.  

We believe that children learn best in an active manner, so plan on fun music, silly skits, messy crafts and exciting games to continue their journey of faith!  Jesus should never be dull or boring!  Connect Pre-K is for children three to five years old. We are excited to meet you and them!

Connect K25 is a weekly class that allows kids to worship really loud and to meet leaders who care and engage with Jesus in a way that is exciting and on their level. Our goal is for kids to see how God’s Word fits into their lives and learn how to walk with Him every day.

Connect Kidmin

The purpose of KidMin is to partner with families so they connect with Jesus by making His teachings fun and engaging. 

During the pandemic our Connect KidMin is limited.  We hope to be back soon!